Your Guide to the 5 Coziest Bookstores in Denver

February 08, 2018

If someone asked you where to find the best bookstores in Denver, would you know what to tell them? This city is filled with awesome independent bookstores, and we’ve compiled a list of our favorites in the blog post below. Take a look at the list, and buy a book in person next time you need a good read!

The Bookies Bookstore

The first bookstore on our list is for the littlest people in your life. The Bookies Bookstore specializes in children’s bookstores, specifically books for younger kids who might not be doing that well in school. Their motto is, “You’re not a bad reader, you just need to find the right book.”

Next time you need a gift for a baby shower or a child’s birthday, swing by The Bookies Bookstore on East Mississippi Avenue. The staff is incredibly helpful, and they’ll even give you a discount for using cash. This store also has a few books for adults, so you’ll be able to stay occupied if you let your kids run loose in the bookstore.

City Stacks Books and Coffee

The crazy thing about City Stacks Books and Coffee is that it’s one of the newest bookstores in Denver. With the physical book industry dying and the ebook industry on the rise, it takes a bold entrepreneur to open a new bookstore. City Stacks knows what they’re doing though, so we think they’ll be around for a while.

This bookstore differentiates themselves by selling mostly new books, local art and greeting cards. They’ve also got a coffee shop that serves a nice selection of lattes. City Stacks is small, quiet and you won’t feel any pressure to buy anything while you’re in there.

Kilgore Used Books and Comics

This one’s for the true comic lovers out there. Kilgore Used Books and Comics doesn’t just sell comics — they get involved in the comic book industry. The owner even has collections of his personal interviews with comic book authors. Take a look at their website, which is filled with gorgeous images from their comic book collection.

Mutiny Information Cafe

This next bookstore sits inside a building that was built 114 years go. The building has been occupied by Denver bookstores for the past 30 years, and Mutiny Information Cafe continues the building’s strong run of fantastic independent bookstores. If you want to geek out like a teenager or you’re a sucker for retro vibes, you’ve got to check this place out.

Mutiny Information Cafe has magazines, comics, cassette tapes, vinyl records and yes, tons of books. The owners added to the retro vibes by installing an old school photo booth and hosting punk rock shows every so often. If nothing else, this place is worth checking out just to feel like you time-warped back to the 1980s.

Tattered Cover

Although most of the books at Tattered Cover are actually not tattered at all, their selection of new books is unparalleled by any other bookstores in Denver. Tattered Cover has two locations in Denver and two more locations out at the airport. If you’re going to go to one, we recommend the Tattered Books in Union Station.

This is one of the largest independent bookstores in the United States, and it’s comparable to other famous independent bookstores like Powell’s in Portland. This place is so big that some people say it feels more like a library than a bookstore. You can truly get lost in here, and on a rainy day in Denver, there’s really no better way to spend your time.

There are many different kinds of bookstores in Denver for different kinds of readers, so make time for a visit to one of the bookstores on this list! If you find yourself shopping for books in the Lower Highlands, feel free to stop by Centric LoHi for a quick tour of our luxury apartment community. You can schedule a tour online or visit the leasing office next time you’re in the neighborhood!

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